How your Playboy Centerfold is Made – with Photoshop

Jezebel’s Irin Carmon – “How your Playboy Centerfold Sausage is Made”


It’s not enough to make the cut to be a Playboy centerfold. Your nipples also have to be the right sort of pointy.

Your butt has to have a “better curve.” Enter Photoshop. Here, a rare view into the process.

It’s “The Year Of The Rabbit” at Christie’s, which has put up for auction an array of Playboy memorabilia.

The most interesting are the copies of Playboy centerfolds from the 1990s and early 2000s that are marked up by editors and the art department — and subjected to a panel that grades them with a composite score.

Because when I look at Kelly Wearstler, I can’t help but look at her wrinkles rather than her boobs…?



Jezebel’s got the whole shebang of edited photos of these beauties which you can check out here.  These edits really beg the question, what is beauty and how far do you have to go to achieve it?  Or can you at all?


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