Before I Die…

(Thanks to Good for sharing.)

I think this project is both inspirational and interesting – a nice reprieve from the death wishes that have saturated the media since last week.

Artist Candy Chang transformed an abandoned house into a communal bucket list:

Continually cleaned and rewritten, the board artistically bridges the past and present by weaving together the wishes, both concrete and abstract, of differing incomes, races, sexualities, genders, ages, ethnicities, religions, and education levels (and possibly nationalities):

What’s so endearing about the project is how, despite all our differences, at the end of the day “feed an elephant” and “do a cartwheel” are both on my bucket list, despite being most likely written by eight-year-olds. 

If I could be in New Orleans, I would add the following to the bucket list:

Eat a slice of rainbow cake

Acquire a micro pig and name it Clover

Adopt a child

Save enough money to help a woman with a small business loan

What would you add?


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