If little girls from Gaza…

Katie Hardiman:

If little girls from Gaza can play among rubble and rockets, I can get out of bed.
If little girls from Syria can depart their homes on ill-equipped rafts headed toward unknown waters, I can wipe my tears.
If little girls from Nigeria can walk miles to school on the same path their kidnapped sisters took, I can go to work.
If little girls from Central America can spend weeks held captive by border patrol agents in detention, I can get through this day.
If little girls from Indigenous populations can study their people’s language and culture in order to keep their sovereignty alive, I can stay true to my convictions.
If little black girls from Flint and Ferguson can believe that their lives matter despite what officers and institutions repeatedly tell them, I can reclaim my self-worth.
If little queer and trans girls from intolerant families and nations can believe that it will get better, I can envision a better tomorrow.
If little girls from America can think they are strong and unstoppable no matter who tells them otherwise, I can be strong too.
If that little girl from Illinois can make it to the top of the ballot and win the popular vote, I can continue to pursue my dreams.
And if little girls from all across the world can continue to rise up, pounding at this seemingly bulletproof glass ceiling and raising their voices as they fight every single form of injustice imaginable- I can woman up and join them.

This week has been so hard for so many of us. My head aches and my skin is sticky from crying off and on for days. My heart hurts for so many others too that are fearful for their lives and those of their family.
It has been especially hard to see a few of my liberal colleagues and friends who did not vote for Trump respond with hatred – encouraging physical attacks against Trump supporters, slut shaming and denigrating Melania as an immigrant (which stings so badly for me), and accusing working-class Trump voters of being uneducated, dumb, un-American, and unworthy of citizenship. We are all actively working to eradicate the racial, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic biases not only in our culture but in ourselves. I know that we can make our communities and this country a better place when we all take a stand for diversity and against structural inequality and oppression. This is going to take a lot of persistence and love – not complacency and fear. And it’s not going to be easy. You can count on me as your ally. #StrongerTogether #Solidarity

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