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Men’s Health has a Feminist Blog

Say what!?

You heard me.  Men’s Health, the obviously titled magazine on men’s health, has added a section on feminism to its online blog.  The posts from this section are written by Kiera Aaron who seems intelligent, nice, witty, and understandable, unlike many commentators on the site.  She’s going to need a flak jacket to deal with these mofos.

If you need some karma today, go to the blog and add a supportive comment feminist blogger Aaron as she tries to make sense of feminism for many very unsupportive, unenlightened, and highly agitated men.


For those of you interested in profeminist men’s blogs or readings, check out:

The Takeback: Meditations on Masculinity, Politics, and Culture

Men’s Nonviolent Project

Feminist Allies

Bill’s Profeminist Blog

National Organization for Men Against Sexism

And please add some more if you come across any.  Please and thank you.

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