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Ridiculous Things Made Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

My mother bought me a pink broom years ago for breast cancer awareness.  A broom.

This past weekend I flew to Savannah, Georgia for a conference.  On the way there I noticed that all of my flight attendants were fashionably dressed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  When I stopped by Caribou Coffee with a friend, my cup of tea was accompanied by a pink breast cancer awareness paper cozy.  On the flight back home my flight attendant offered me a pink lemonade martini for breast cancer awareness.

This is ridiculous!

Pink ribbons are available all year for breast cancer awareness. My question is what does “awareness” mean? And actually how much of the proceeds ultimately go to the cause?  We are in need of a reality check.

I understand that your hearts are in the right place, but wouldn’t your money be better spent being directly donated to the cause?

Yes.  And stop telling me what color your underwear is and where you keep your purse – just donate to a reputable organization.

Do we have to sexually objectify ourselves by sexualizing where we put our purse or driving attention to our breasts, the focus of the “Save the Ta-Tas” campaign, just to get a cure?

And if you have to have that pink Snuggie, demand products that aren’t harmful to the environment, are sweatshop free, and don’t contain cancer-causing chemicals.  As a consumer you have a right and responsibility to demand safe products, such as this program to demand Avon makeup free of cancer-causing carcinogens.

And in the future “Think Before You Pink” – check out this site to see how you can better contribute to the cause.

Here are just a few absurd “pink” products.


Yes - Buckets of Chicken; bucketsforthecure.com


Vodka – because new research claims drinking can make you breast cancer-free; http://www.supporthervodka.com/






A pink Cowboys jersey to remind you of quarterbacks in pink; http://shop.dallascowboys.com/catalog/Breast-Cancer-Awareness,121.htm





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