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In Porn Industry, Many Balk At Condom Proposal – NPR

So let’s move beyond whether you hate porn or you don’t – that’s not the issue here.

There is the thinking due to America’s puritanical heritage, that when you dabble with naughty things like sex, you get what you deserve.  That same sentiment is shared towards porn industry workers.  Despite the vast health risks (HIV, pregnancy, STDs, HPV, etc.) porn industry workers have little-to-no health care or medical support, and are discouraged from using condoms on the film set.

For years, a group called the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been lobbying to make condom use mandatory.

Alen Cohen from NPR writes that condom-less porn means big business for porn companies.

Most porn producers agree that these health risks are serious, but they don’t think condoms are the solution. CEO Steve Hirsch says Vivid Video tried it before, for nearly seven years. “When we became a mandatory-condom company, we saw sales drop by about 20 percent,” he says.

Hirsch fears a condom mandate would wipe out the region’s multibillion-dollar adult film industry. He says that California, where unemployment tops 12 percent, can’t afford to lose more jobs.

“People will shoot in Europe; people will shoot in Mexico. People will go to other places to shoot,” Hirsch says, “and you’ll see an industry move out of this state.”

If we can fake a t-rex in Jurassic Park, why can’t why photoshop a condom out of a shot?

Read/Listen to the NPR story here.

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