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Gender and Super Heroes/oines

In light of Captain America’s soon-to-be film debut, I saw this article today on the Good Men Project:

“Captain America is the Best Man” by Mark D.:

As a longtime comics fan, I find inspiration in many of the superheroes whose adventures I read every month, but none inspire me as much as Captain America. Simply put, to me, Cap stands as an example of the best we can be. He embodies all of the classical virtues that are just as important now as they were in the days of the ancient Greeks, including honesty, courage, loyalty, perseverance, and, perhaps most importantly, honor (in particular, military honor). While I can’t be as strong or fast as Cap, I can hope to be as honest, courageous, and honorable.

(Although Mark D. argues that Captain America has moved beyond his jingoist, hegemonically masculine, and paternalistic roots, in a post-911 age these historic roots cannot be denied.)

And that’s great and all.  The guy seems just swell.

But it got me thinking – where are all of the honest, courageous, and strong superheroines?  Most of them are either crazy or can’t control their powers or they’re young with teenage troubles or sex on the brain. 

Literally I can only think of Xena.  Any thoughts?


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Stud Magazine Rewriting Gender Norms

Stud Magazine is “an online based magazine founded in Toronto with an aim to redefine the term stud and introduce non gender conforming people to mainstream media.”  The magazine challenges female gender norms and tackles everything from education and health to art and fashion.  While you may not be the magazine’s target audience, it’s content should undoubtedly expand your definitions of femininity.

The magazine, as well as its website and blog, offer enlightening perspectives from non-gender conforming women.  For example, has your femininity ever been questioned when you used a public bathroom?  Probably not, but this is a daily source of frustration for many women who don’t or don’t want to conform to the essentialist female figure on the bathroom door.

Using the woman’s washroom when I was younger was an easy task that I took for granted. I’d walk in without a problem, do my business, wash my hands and walk out. Of course there would be whispers in the background and lengthy stares from other females for obvious reasons. My appearance and the way I carried myself.

The little juvenile Tomboy who would eventually grow out of “the phase” sooner or later… Well, I’m 22 years old now and that “phase” that many thought I would outgrow is who I am NATURALLY.

Nowadays going to the washroom for me is a daily challenge when out in public – I pass as male 85% of the time in a crowd of strangers; ( I consider myself a TG Butch/Gender-queer) so walking into the woman’s washroom would certainly cause problems and confusion that I rather not put myself into – so to avoid such I plan my day out accordingly.

Use the bathroom before leaving my house, limit my drink intake throughout the day, and look for places that have unisex or single bathroom stalls.

For butches/studs/doms it’s hard to go into the woman’s washroom or change room without having a bunch of other females hush in silence whenever you walk in, the stares you receive and the whispers you have to listen to.

Then you have that one female who feels bold and brave enough to confront you and say “Excuse me sir, this is the woman’s washroom…” Women who do this need to understand that NOT EVERY female is going to conform to society’s thought of how a female should look and act.

I personally have took it upon myself to NOT use the women’s washroom unless its last resort situation just to avoid the constant bullshit that one has to go through when your physical appearance doesn’t match the little sign on the washroom door.


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